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A Physicians Blend » HGH Extreme

HGH Extreme

hgh copyA Physician’s Blend® HGH contains a specially formulated Homeopathic Human Growth Hormone (master hormone) that consists of more than one potency of HGH (sometimes called Homecords).  This seems to create an efficiency that helps A Physician’s Blend® HGH reach its receptor sites much more effectively and therefore makes it more viable.  A Physician’s Blend® HGH also includes additional herbs and minerals to support the body in other specific ways as well.

Physician’s Blend oral HGH formulas were the first Homeopathic HGH products on the Internet.  Most other companies over the years have simply tried to duplicate our product.  Our original formulas were age and gender specific from day one and have yet to be copied successfully.  Thousands of satisfied customers from around the world have grown to trust the effectiveness of Physician’s Blend HGH formulas.

The relationship of the potencies used as related to age and gender seems to be more efficient based on the requirements of people in these groups.  Also, A Physician’s Blend® HGH contains the actual HGH hormone Somatotrophin.  We have included various other ingredients to support your body’s different functions.  You can find a full listing of ingredients on our Ingredients page.

A Physician’s Blend® HGH formulas come in a standard 1 oz. homeopathic bottle with a spray cap for those with more active lifestyles.  We suggest that you apply 3 sprays under the tongue 3 times a day for 6 days; wait 1 day and repeat.

You should start to notice the benefits within the first 7 to 45 days of taking A Physician’s Blend® HGH.  With some people it may take longer based on the amount of toxins in their body (i.e. caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, etc.).  In general, the first things people notice are:  More energy, better sleep patterns, improved eyesight, improved mental clarity, improved skin tone and improved muscle tone (generally noted in the second or third month of use).

Physicians Blend HGH Extreme Ingredients, Homeopathic Potencies, and Indications:

Homeopathic Human Growth Hormone (Somatotrophin) – 10x/30x
HGH is produced by the pituitary gland and provides for the growth and maintenance of human tissue. HGH facilitates the building of bone and muscle as well as the production of cells that help organs and tissues to grow and repair themselves. HGH increases metabolism and the way the body uses energy. HGH levels reach their peak during adolescence and begin to drop with each passing year. Many people develop a shortage before the age of 40, and this sets the stage for over 500 different diseases and conditions to develop. The 10x and 30x potencies rebalance HGH levels and with consistent use, gently stimulate the body’s own output. The benefits are cumulative.

The following enhance and help direct the energy of HGH
to the most needed areas in the body.

Avena Sativa – 3c (a nerve tonic)
Indicated for exhaustion, weakness and sexual debility.

Glycyrrhiza Glabra – 3c (licorice root)
Fights inflammation and viral, bacterial, and parasitic infection. Reduces muscle spasms, increases fluidity of mucus in the lungs and bronchial tubes, and promotes adrenal function.

Arginine – 4c (amino acid)
Enhances immune function, retards the growth of tumors and cancer, aids in weight loss, stimulates pancreas to produce insulin, assists in the release of growth hormone, increases fertility and sexual function.

Glutamine – 4c (amino acid)
Brain fuel, promotes mental ability and digestion, decreases sugar and carbohydrate cravings, which enables needed weight loss.

Isoleucine – 4c (amino acid)
Enhances muscle energy, aids in hemoglobin production, stabilizes blood sugar levels.

Leucine – 4c (amino acid)
Essential for growth, stimulates protein synthesis in muscle to enhance energy production. Protects and heals bones, skin, and muscle tissue. Lowers elevated blood sugar levels, and increases growth hormone production.

Lysine – 4c (amino acid)
Builds muscle, increases growth hormone levels, helps build protein, and aids in weight loss.

Ornithine – 4c (amino acid)
Promotes HGH levels, metabolism of excess body fat, healing and repair of skin and damaged tissue. Strengthens immune system and liver function.

Valine – 4c (amino acid)
Needed for muscle metabolism, tissue repair, and the maintenance of nitrogen levels in the body.

Colostrum – 5c
Contains IGF-1, a powerful factor for increasing muscle mass and immune response. Helps with absorption of HGH.

Gonadostimuline – 5c
Stimulates the body’s output of pituitary gonadotropin hormones including progesterone, estrogen, and testosterone. Strengthens both male and female sex organs and their function.

ATP – 6c (Adenosine Triphosphorisum Acidum)
Revitalizes energy utilizing systems in the body.

Glycogen – 6c
Gently stimulates the body’s level of glycogen, the main energy source of muscle, for increased stamina and performance.

Cortisone – 12c
Strengthens, reduces inflammation, and encourages healing in the joints.

Other Ingredients:
10% Ethanol, 8% Vegetable Glycerin (preservatives), and Purified Water


Discover how HGH Extreme can make you look, feel and stay younger!

Have you ever wondered if there is a way to avoid the negative affects of aging?  Most doctors will tell you that the process of aging is inevitable and that there is nothing that can be done to prevent it.  Unfortunately most people will accept these explanations and have never considered that there is something that can be done; and that something is HGH.What is HGH?
bottles Growth Hormone was first observed in the 1920′s, but not until the 1950′s were it’s benefits discovered.  Researchers began administering it to children with growing deficiencies and found that it promoted a normal pattern of development.

This, of course, was a thrilling discovery but the only drawback was acquiring a supply.  The only source for the hormone was extracting it from the pituitary gland of human cadavers, each of which yielded only a few drops.

Then in 1985 a Biotech Company, Genetech, which had earlier cloned the human gene for Insulin, began to market a genetically engineered HGH.  Coinciding with this breakthrough, a great deal of research was being conducted in the area of anti-aging.  After 30 years of experience with both children and adults deficient in growth hormone, there were no significant side effects and researchers began administering HGH to healthy adults.

The results were phenomenal!!  In study after study, the participants were losing body fat, gaining lean muscle mass, having their sexual function restored, gaining strength and stamina, increasing energy levels, reducing wrinkled skin, thickening and even re-growing hair, lowering blood pressure, balancing cholesterol, the list goes on and on.

Why do we need HGH?
We have a lot of it when we are young but our production of HGH falls 80% from age 21 to 61.  Due to the STRESS and increasing TOXINS in our environment, production of HGH fails even faster than normal.  So in effect, YOU AGE FASTER!

Daily growth hormone secretions diminish with age to the extent that a 60-year old may secrete only 25% of the HGH that is secreted by a 20-year old.  By age 40, virtually everyone is deficient in growth hormone.  This results in SDS, or Somatotrophin (growth hormone) Deficiency Syndrome.  Some of the symptoms may include:

  • Loss of muscle
  • An increase of fat
  • Decrease of physical mobility
  • Decreased socialization
  • Decrease energy levels
  • Diminished healing ability
  • Greater risk of cardiovascular disease

Practically everyone over the age of forty has SDS.  The decline of growth hormone with age, sometimes referred to as somatopause, is directly associated with many symptoms of aging, including wrinkling, gray hair, decreased energy and sexual function, increased body fat and cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis and more.The good news, however, is clinical evidence demonstrates that by replacing growth hormone we can dramatically reverse these symptoms to restore hair color and growth, regain bone tissue, increase energy and significantly reduce body fat.

The New England Journal of Medicine published studies (1990: volume #323) showing that HGH may reverse the biological aging process.  Below are some of the benefits you may experience when using HGH:

  • Increased energy, stamina, muscle strength and mass
  • Ability to sleep soundly and awake rested
  • Loss of mood swings and depression
  • Sharpened Mental Acuity/Attitude
  • Sexual potency
  • Body fat loss
  • Loss of wrinkles and skin elasticity
  • Aids in the prevention of osteoporosis
  • Improvement in immune system and vision